Madera High School is a closed campus.  Once a student has arrived at school, he/she cannot leave without proper authorization.  Passes will be issued only with consent of the parents or guardians listed on the student's emergency procedure card.



    1.    Students must check out of school by obtaining a pass from the attendance office before leaving.


    2.      Off-campus passes will be issued for the following reasons with parent permission    only:


                a. Illnesses must be verified by the school nurse.  At no time is a student to leave      school and go home ill without first clearing through the nurse and the attendance office for an off-campus pass.


                b. Appointment with a doctor or dentist. Upon return to school, a doctors note and/or signature is required for the absence to be cleared.


                c.Illness and/or death in the family, court or funeral attendance when verified by parents or guardians.


                d. Off-campus passes will not be issued for other than medical reasons, except when special permission has been obtained from the Administration.


    3.  To obtain an off-campus pass, a parental request must be submitted to the Attendance Office and should include the following:

                a.  Date

                b.  ID Number/Name 
                c.  Time of departure                                        

                d.  Reason for request

       e.  How student will be going (driving, parent picking up, etc.)      

       f.   Career School


             The pass issued by the Attendance Office will serve as the pass back into class.


    4.  If a senior leaves the campus at lunch and suddenly becomes ill, his/her parents          must notify the Attendance Office.


    5.   If a doctor’s appointment is scheduled during the lunch period and, as a result, the student will be absent or tardy to 6th period, the absence must be cleared in advance.



    Seniors in good standing are allowed to leave campus during the designated lunch period only.  Seniors must display their valid senior ID cards to exit and re-enter campus during their lunch period.  This privilege may be revoked due to violations of discipline, attendance policies, failing grades, or if the senior falls behind in credits toward graduation.



    Students who are unscheduled either 1st and 7th period are not allowed on campus unsupervised.  Unscheduled 1st period students arrive at 8:51am for 2nd period.  Unscheduled 7th period students are to leave campus at 2:12pm.