•     Guest Pass for Sadie Hawkins, Winter Formal and Prom

    Download the Guest Pass (Dances)


    1.      The guest must obtain approval/signature from their home school and attach copy of picture ID (school or driver’s license).

    2.      The MHS student must complete the application and return it to their grade level office for administrative approval at least three (3) days prior to the last day of ticket sales.

    3.      The career school administrator will sign the pass and turn it in to the business office. MHS administrators will make personal contact with the guest and/or guest’s school if needed.

    4.      MHS student can purchase tickets after the business office receives the completed pass from the career school administrator.




    1.      Each Madera High student may bring one guest to dances, provided the following information is  completed prior to the purchase of tickets.

    2.      A guest must be at least enrolled in the 9th grade, and cannot exceed 20 years of age.

    3.      All guests must present a picture ID at the door, and have it available all night, upon request.

    4.      L.O.P.-ALL attendees must be in Good standing (not on Loss of Privileges list)

    4.      For any violation of school rules, the MHS student’s parent will be contacted to pick up the MHS student and guest. Any party under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the parent will be contacted and requested to pick up the MHS student and guest. If unable to make parent contact, the MHS student and guest will be turned over to the police. The MHS student, upon return to school, will be suspended. Guest’s school will be notified.


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