• LOCAL Scholarship Forms and Information

     Application Checklist
    DEADLINE: NO LATER than JANUARY 29, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. in the Career Center
    1. Activity Form  (click HERE to download)
    Complete this form and make copies for all of your scholarship applications. Keep an original copy. Each copy must have original student and parent signature.
    2. Letters of Recommendation 
    Give a completed Activity Form to each individual you are asking for a Letter of Recommendation (3-5 people, need at least 3). 

        · Individuals writing Letters of Recommendation don't always fill out this form and that is acceptable.

        · You can make as many copies as you need of the Letters of Recommendation, these can have the signature copied.

    3. General Application  (click HERE to download)
    a. Complete either by printing neatly or typing on the computer. Leave scholarship name & # blank. 
    b. Each of your copies must have original student and parent signature.
    c. This will be used as the cover for each of your scholarship application packets. (You do not need to make a cover sheet or put in a folder, etc.) All folders or bindings will be removed unless requested by the donor.
    d. Keep an original copy for your file.
    4. Student Statement
    a. On a separate page, type only one page in essay form. Write about yourself, the scholarship committee finds this useful. Information you might include:

       · Financial needs

       · Career goals

       · Interests or your passion about something

       · An unusual occurrence or special consideration

    This is a way to write about yourself (they can see your grades and activities from the other forms you include in your application packet). Be positive, and put your best effort in writing a good student statement, this can be a deciding factor for a scholarship.

    b. This is included in all your scholarship packets after the general application (it is considered part of the general application for any scholarship listed on blue paper and must be included).

    5. Personal File Folder
    Originals of the following:
    a. General Scholarship Application
    b. Student Statement
    c. Activity Form
    d. Letters of Recommendation (at least 3)
    6. MHS Local Scholarship Book 2018-2019
    (Click Here to download)
    a. Decide which scholarships to apply for
    b. Make copies from your Personal File Folder
    c. Put together scholarship applications
    d. Turn in scholarship applications to Career Center as soon as they are completed. You do not have to wait until the deadline.
    2019-20 Timeline

    November 13
    Students receive Local Scholarship Book & Preparation
    Application Packet
    January 29
    Local Scholarship Applications due by 3:30PM in the Career Center
    April 11
    Student winner notifications are mailed out, inviting them to awards night
    April 29
    Scholarship Awards Night 6:00PM
    Madera High School
    Joe Flores Gym

    Important Forms


Last Modified on August 12, 2020