• English II: Sophomore English (College Prep)

    Engish II is an examination of the genres, writing techniques, themes, and styles associated with fine literature. Students will be asked to analyze literature and think critically about idea development. Skills developed will be integrated to form a strong foundation in literature, grammar and composition. Students will read a variety of works, including fiction and non-fiction short stories, various types of poetry, plays and famous speeches. English II focuses on comprehending complex texts, analyzing arguments, reading and analyzing poetry, reading of informational and expository texts. Students will learn to develop literary analysis with support from the text, reflect on and write about short story elements, writing of a narrative essay and a persuasive essay. Skills are developed through writing assignments as well as multiple-select exams. Students will be expected to keep an organized binder with a section for English assignments and materials.   It is suggested for every student to have some form of an agenda or calendar to keep track of due dates and assignments.


    Course Textbooks/Novels




    “Oedipus Rex”

    Fahrenheit 451

World Literature