• School of Engineering and Technology
    Phone: (559) 675-4420

    The Engineering & Technology School’s priority is to educate students in new and emerging technological systems. Mathematical and scientific concepts are the foundation of the school, taught through a hands-on activity-oriented curriculum with technology themes. Students have the opportunity to see first-hand how technological and academic skills interrelate.
    While computer technology is an integral part of the school, instructors encourage students to use creativity and motivation as they learn about the essentials of engineering. The worker of the future will need to be an independent thinker and a lifelong learner in order to adapt as vocations and technologies change.
    Students in the School of Engineering & Technology are supported by teachers who are committed to helping students see the meaning and purpose of learning and relate it to the real world.
    Robotics, woodshop, auto mechanic, computer repair and electronics are part of engineering and technology.

    Vice Principal
    Moses Perez

    Administrative Assistant
    Lisa Fernandez
    Lisa Fernandez

    Eduardo Pena
    Grades 10-12th  A-O 
    Edurodo Pena  

    Mr. Pena is available everyday and located in the ET Career School office. Appointments are recommended but not necessary.

    Amanda Ramirez
    10-12th Grades  P-Z
    Amanda Ramirez

     9th Grade Counselor
    Cindy Rodriguez
     Cindy Rodriquez
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