• Madera High School History
    117 Years of  Coyote Pride and Tradition....

    After the divisions of Fresno County and Madera County in 1893, the new citizens of Madera filed a petition in the County Clerks office signed by some 150 Madera citizens urging the organization of a four-year high school. In 1893 the original Madera County Board of Education made a provision for the organization of a secondary school.

    The large wooden building known as Westside Grammar School located on Sixth street between M and N was remodeled; the halls and cloak room turned into laboratories, and facilities were provided for a group of ten high school students who entered in the fall of 1894 as the class of 1897. When MHS opened, there were only three years required for each student to graduate: the first year students were called Juniors, followed by the Middlers and lastly the Seniors. In 1902 the school was officially named Madera Union High School, by which name the school was known until 1966.


    In 1904 a new similarly-styled brick building, nicknamed the "Main Building," was constructed on Sixth and L streets. Using Madera County products such as marble and brick, this mission-style, two story, eight classroom high school included an assembly hall (60'x30') was built. In 1976, the Main Building was demolished because it did not meet earthquake standards. This building stood where the "Pit" now resides.


    On Sunday, August 12, 1917, a fire burned down the old wooden structure that served as a temporary high school. The insurance money carried on this structure, which amounted to over $7,000, was used to erect a wooden gymnasium. This gym served for seventeen years as the only building for basketball, and for the boys and girls physical education. A fire destroyed this structure on February 2, 1937. A modern gym, known as the "north gym" was built on 1937. In 1974 this gym was named after Joe Flores, a long time custodian.
    As attendance grew additional buildings were added:

    1913 - Annex off of the main building with a shop, bus repair shop and science classes.

    1920 - Auditorium with a 700 seating capacity served until 1940 when it was outgrown and condemned.

    1925 - Agriculture unit with two main sections, and a connecting corridor surrounded by landscaping.

    1931 - Transportation shop and classroom built on the corner of Sixth and L streets ofr $50,000.

    1940 - Science building was erected for $65,000.

    1947 - Athletic field was developed for $6,000. This included a lighted baseball field, track, and gridiron area with seating for 6,000.

    1950 - Industrial Arts complex was built for $176,000 including equipment

    1953 - 3 acres where purchased on corner of Eighth and L streets.

    1954 - Home Economics building that housed foreign language, social science, and math built for $375,000

    1954 - The Library was moved to it's current location. The Library is named after Mrs. Vivian Wiegand, who had served as the librarian for 33 years.

    1956 - Additional industrial arts shops, drawing rooms and academic rooms built.

    1956 - The girls gym was built for $256,000 fully equipped (now called the Olive gym).

    1958 - The pool opened

    1959 - The Science building was erected


    1961 - Language Arts buidling was erected (location of the current Health Science building). Administration building was erected.
    1975- The "Old Main" building was demolished and seven new buildings were constructed.

    In 1989, the Madera Unified School District commissioned the building of a new campus to ease the overcrowding at MHS. Construction began in 1990, and in 1992 "South Campus" was open approximately a mile down the road from the main campus. This campus was equipped with a two story academic building, cafeteria and media center.


    Thanks to the passing of a school bond in November 2002, South Campus was expanded to form its own high school, and proper renovations were completed at the main campus, allowing for the creation of Madera South High (formerly South Campus) in 2006.
    The bond was also used to build Madera High a new administration building, black box theater and upgrade the classrooms in the 100 building and pool complex.


    The school now known as the flagship school is the original Madera High. Located on the corner of sixth and L streets, about one mile south of downtown, the school is thriving academically, jumping a combined 58 points on its API score the past two years. Madera High's strong tradition of spirit and pride will live on for many generations to come.
    Madera High also recently received a six-year term of accreditation through June 2020 from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), according to a recent announcement by the committee.
    Westside Grammar School
    The original schoolhouse in 1909

    old main
    The "Old" Main Building in 1933

    old main
    "Old" Main Building in 1958

    Our Colors....
    The school's original colors were purple and white. In 1949, with the color purple becoming scarce after the events of World War II, it was changed to the current blue and white color scheme. In honor of the centennial year of 1976, red was added into many of the athletic and band uniforms. The addition of red only lasted for a couple of years. When those uniforms were replaced, red has not been seen again. 
    coyote Head
    The Original Coyote mascot
     school seal
    The "Coyote Seal" was created in the late 90's to be used on all educational materials
    The "swoosh" coyote was used in Athletics from 2004-2010
    This coyote logo was used from 2008-2012
    The new coyote was designed and implemented in 2013
    crest -1  
    The new crest was designed and implemented in 2013 for all educational materials