• Commitments of the Coyote Football Program


    We believe our Football Program is successful because we are committed to:


    1.     Challenge young men to be people of Character

    2.     Teach Leadership through Service

    3.    Foster a culture that knows how to win


    Our football program is designed to be a Character Based Program. We use football as a means to create quality people, and with quality people we have a quality football ​program. We believe that every young man was destined for leadership, and that they have a vital role to play, both on our team and in life. Everything we do is designed to help them find that leadership role. They will be taught every day that true leaders serve. A man was made to give his all for those around him. A man was designed for a higher purpose. We teach that one of the worst enemies of a team is “SELF”.

    Our program will be excellent, because we develop excellent people. We are winners. 


    We are humble in victory, and gracious in defeat.


    Our football program is achieving its goals by creating men that are:

    1.     Sharply Disciplined

    2.     Physically Fit

    3.     Masters of the Fundamentals


    Coaches teach discipline through the physically demanding environment of Football.  We target disciplined behavior, and emotional control, in a detailed, meticulous and sequential manner. 


    Our Strength and Conditioning program combines cutting edge research, and the age-old secret known as “hard work”.


    We have an organization that develops achievers, through extremely physically demanding circumstances. There is no way to successfully compete on the gridiron without developing bodies that can endure the demands this intense collision sport. 


    With mastery of the fundamental skills of football, our athletes are​ able to successfully practice, and compete in games. Every player is deemed important and is drilled in the essential skills necessary to participate in the sport that they have devoted so much of their time to.

Last Modified on September 12, 2014