• We Believe

    Area Assistant Superintendent’s Office

    The Office of the Area Assistant Superintendent (AAS) plans, coordinates and supervises the leadership and operation of schools in accordance with California state laws and District policies and regulations to promote effective and efficient leadership with the development, achievement, and maintenance of quality educational programs. The AAS office is organized into three Designated Areas which are supervised by an Area Assistant Superintendent. The schools within each Designated Area (or color pyramid) are organized based on their feeder pattern in the District.

     Our Vision is for every school to meet the needs of all students by providing a positive learning environment and empowering them to live long healthy lives with the widest array of career opportunities.

     Our Mission is to create and sustain a culture enabling our school sites to implement the district’s educational program through ongoing collaboration with stakeholders to continuously improve student outcomes and college and career readiness.

     WE BELIEVE in… 

    • Strong relationships between students, staff, parents and our community
    • Rigorous expectations for ALL students with proper supports and opportunities to achieve mastery 
    • Collaboratively planned relevant, challenging, and creative lessons
    • Intrinsic motivation through curiosity, creativity, and choice 
    • Intentionally engaging classrooms and active learning
    • Strong civic engagement through service learning 
    • The highest student achievement in all areas
    • An orderly learning environment with dynamic school cultures
    • A financially sound & effective organization


    Please click on the links to the left of your screen to obtain specific information about our department.  For additional information, please call (559) 675-4500 extensions 244, 246, or 248.