• Information Technology Department
    Our vision at Madera Unified is to set the standard for hard work, creativity, and resiliency in the technology landscape, with a fearless drive to continuously improve. Technology is not just a tool but a key driver in delivering instruction and enhancing the learning experience for our students. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that technological resources are readily available to all students and teachers in every classroom and educational setting within Madera Unified School District.
    Online Security and Content Filtering

    Content filtering is a technology that restricts access to specific types of online content or websites based on pre-defined criteria, such as age-appropriateness, educational relevance, or compliance with school policies. Benefits include:

    • Protecting students from inappropriate content:
      • Content filtering helps to prevent students from accessing websites with explicit or harmful content that can negatively impact their learning or development.
    • Ensuring compliance with school policies:
      • By filtering out content that violates school policies, content filtering can promote a safe and productive learning environment.
    • Increasing focus and productivity:
      • By restricting access to distracting websites, content filtering can help students to stay focused on their studies and improve their academic performance.
    • Supporting digital citizenship:
      • By encouraging responsible online behavior, such as avoiding cyberbullying and respecting intellectual property rights, content filtering can help to promote positive digital citizenship skills among students.

    In line with these benefits, Madera Unified School District recognizes the importance of content filtering in promoting a safe and effective online learning environment. As such, the district has implemented content filtering measures through a combination of firewall technology and cloud-based solutions. These measures provide students and teachers with access to a range of educational resources while ensuring that inappropriate or non-educational content is filtered out.

Last Modified on May 5, 2023