• Information Technology Department

    "Madera Unified will set the standard for hard work, creativity, and resiliency with a fearless drive to continuously improve,"  that's our vision at Madera Unified.  Technology is a tool, a vehicle to assist in the delivery of instruction. It is a resource that needs to be available to all students and teachers in every classroom in Madera Unified School District.  We focus on research-based best practices and high-quality instruction for all students.

    Teachers have access to cloud-based core instructional materials and electronic learning resources. Ninety percent of our district classrooms have ceiling-mounted projectors for direct instruction while 750 classrooms are also equipped with Promethean interactive whiteboards.

    Madera Unified students have access to technology at all school sites in classrooms, libraries, and computer labs.  Students are provided a variety of age-appropriate educational software in the classroom and lab environment.  Students are also provided safe Internet access at every workstation.

    District Infrastructure
    The Information Technology (IT) department supports network infrastructure.  Each school's star topology network consists of a gigabit fiber backbone and switched 1,000 MB to the classroom/Media Centers.  The two comprehensive high schools are connected to the WAN via 500 Mb/s fiber circuits, the middle schools connect at 250 Mb/s, and all other sites connect via 100 Mb/s fiber circuits and will be adequate to support the proposed curriculum.   The district office connects its WAN to the Internet via a 5 Gb/s connection to the Madera County Office of Education, which in turn connects us to the California K-12 High-Speed network.

    District software purchases drive our hardware purchases.  Hardware purchases are based on standardized equipment requirements and curriculum software specifications.  MUSD provides access to several technology platforms to support Apple OSX and IOS, Microsoft Windows, and Google Chrome.  We currently provide maintenance and support for more than 14,000 student devices, 90 servers, 1000 printers, 800 projectors, 600 Promethean Boards.  Due to the status of the budget in the State of California, the acquisition of hardware will require Madera Unified to "think out of the box" and be creative about financing.  MUSD will apply for available grants, and consider community assistance, tax incentives, and leasing options.

    Internet Filtering
    Internet filtering helps protect students from accessing unauthorized content supporting CIPA guidelines. Firewall software is provided to protect and encrypt the WAN from outside intrusion.
Last Modified on March 9, 2022