• Welcome to the Madera Unified Safety and Security Department's website.  It is a privilege of our Department to provide Safety and Security to the Students and Staff of our District. 

    Today's parents expect a safe community for their children, as well as a safe learning environment at school.  The Madera Unified School District is proud to provide this environment for its students and staff. 

    The Madera Unified School District approved Safety Officers at the High School level in the early 1980's. Since then, our Safety Department has expanded to all three High Schools, four Junior High Schools, three alternate learning High Schools, and our Adult School.  In 2018, we instituted a Safety Officer Elementary School level program to assist with any safety concerns with students in the K-6th grade level.  MUSD has Officers available between 7 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. 

    The MUSD Safety Department is headquartered at the Madera South High School campus located at 705 W. Pecan Avenue, Madera, CA 93637.


    L Fernandez

     Lawrence Fernandez

    Director of Safety and Security


    Objective: To enhance the current safety mandates of a safe, secure learning and working environment for Madera Unified School District through technology, training, and teamwork. 

    Goal: To equip Safety Officers with the tools and knowledge to best serve Staff and Students in an effort to reduce school-related incidents.  To provide adequate and efficient service where all staff and students feel safe and vested in the process.

    I am excited to be leading such an admirable group of Officers who come to work daily to give it their all.  Over the years, our Department has faced many challenges. We are committed to providing a safe environment for the students, staff, and families of the District.  As Director of the Safety and Security Department, my goal is to develop a strong team and be proactive in our approach to safety and security. 

    Lawrence Fernandez

    Director of Safety and Security


    In the event of a school emergency, please understand that each school in the Madera Unified School District has an Emergency Response Plan that has been carefully developed through a coordinated effort with Law Enforcement and First Responders.  If there is an emergency at your child's school, your cooperation is necessary to help us respond effectively to such situations.

     In the event of an emergency, please help us by doing the following;

    *  Please do not call and do not go to the school

    *  In an emergency, on-site Staff are focused solely on getting everyone to a safe location.  Showing up to the site can create unnecessary traffic, preventing emergency vehicles from responding quickly.  You could also put yourself and others in danger

    *  If you get a call or text from your student, help him, or her remain calm.  Remind your student that school staff know what to do in an emergency situation and will work to keep everyone safe

    *  Please know we communicate with parents/ guardians about reunifying you with your child and that this reunification site may not be at the school.  Check the Madera Unified School District homepage at https://www.madera.k12.ca.us, the MUSD Facebook page, Connect ED, Parent Square or other means of communication

    *  We will provide credible, accurate and useful information to the public as soon as possible.  Please be aware that information received from sources other than the School Administrator or the Madera Unified School District may be inaccurate.   

    To assist our Department in times of crisis, we encourage families to familiarize your students with the terms below used during any Emergency Situation;

    Shelter-in-Place:  Used to secure the building from a potential threat outside the building, such as when an unauthorized person is loitering on school grounds or when there is criminal activity in the neighborhood.  Exterior doors are locked, but normal activities continue inside the building.  Used during severe weather or other environmental threats (i.e., air contamination to a large fire) to keep people safe while remaining indoors.

    Lockdown:  Used when there is a perceived danger inside the building.  Doors are locked, windows are closed and locked, blinds are closed.  People are directed to move away from windows and doors.  Hallways are cleared of students and school staff.

    Evacuation:  When students and Staff are moved out of the building to a pre-designated safe location.

    Reunification Site:  An alternative site other than the school where school administrators will check out students to the child's parent/ guardian.  Students will only be released to authorized parents/ guardians with proper identification (i.e., driver's license, State ID card, military ID card, passport, etc.)  

     All MUSD Staff members, parents, students, and community members are encouraged to report anything they see, hear, or are aware of that may impact a school or school program.  If you see or hear something, say something.

    Safety Department at (559) 675-7059

    Madera Police at (559) 675-4220

    Madera Sheriff at (559) 675-7770

    Or 911 

    ** Please discuss these matters with your immediate family and students.  Planning ahead will help alleviate concerns during emergencies.  Thank you in advance for following these steps to ensure our students, staff members, and the public remain safe and secure.