• Music is so powerful. Mr. Harabedian feels that being involved in music can provide a lot of inspiration and motivation throughout your life.

    Music brings people together.

    Singing in choir gives you a place to express yourself in many ways. It also lets you give a gift to others by making music that reaches their hearts.

    Mr. Harabedian wants a lot of people in choir because the more people we have, the more we can push our choirs to higher levels of excellence. The better we are, the more we can accomplish musically and academically.

    Choir also gives you stage skills, and helps you feel more comfortable in front of crowds. AND, you don't have to do it alone - you're on stage with a whole team of choir friends!

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  •      Did you know... You do NOT have to sign up for a career pathway. Career pathways are good, but they are not required.

         Want to take AP classes?   It's a good idea to research colleges to see if they accept AP credit. Some of the most prestiges colleges in the US do not give AP credit. AP classes are still a good idea, but college admissions officers want to see more than just students taking AP classes because they're AP classes.

         College and Career readiness is a good thing, but what's the driving force? The school is judged by how many students are "college and career ready." The school receives money for it too. That's a good thing, it lets us provide things for you. BUT, it's not a reason to limit your choices. Consider classes that will open opportunities, rather than focusing your into one area.

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