Holiday Celebration with Councilwoman Evans

  • On Saturday, December 18th, 2021, Councilwoman Evans hosted a Holiday Celebration at the Madera Fairgrounds.  One of the main items of interest was that she asked for new toy donations, from community members, to give to our Mighty Monroe Students.  I believe she was able to collect over 80 new toys.  Her plan then was to go out into the community and deliver the toys to the students’ home personally (w/ Santa Claus) to those randomly chosen students, AND SHE DID!!!

    Another activity during the event was for the audience to purchase raffle tickets, where two brand new bikes were the prizes!  Two different families won, but one of the families donated their bike back to James Monroe for one lucky student (pic of the bike included).  

    In addition, a former James Monroe nurse, and close friend of Mrs. Evans was recognized at the event for her years of service at James Monroe and her contributions to the various communities of Madera.

    It was a very enjoyable evening, where the true winners from this event were the students of James Monroe!  Thank you so much Mrs. Evans!!!