James Monroe 6th Grade Students Have an Adventure at Sycamore Island

  • Madera has many treasures, and even if some are not near the city, they still have a Madera address. Sycamore Island, for example  -- located some three miles south of Valley Children's Hospital, is one of those not-so-hidden treasures. It's a place where people can go to experience the great outdoors. There are many activities available for those who go to Sycamore Island: fishing, canoeing, and nature walks are just some of the experiences available to the public.

    Last week, our sixth graders left the Monroe campus for a field trip to Sycamore Island. While there, students were able to ride canoes. It was the first time some students ever rode in one. 

    They also did a scavenger hunt while they walked a trail. Four deer grazed on the trail as the students walked nearby. They also participated in a game where some students were coyotes and others were bunnies. It was the predator's job to catch as much prey as possible.

    Looking at these photographs, our students can be seen having an educational and memorable learning experience.

    Photo credits with gratitude: Ms. Zamora and Mrs. Jones.

Monroe Sycamore Island 1
Monroe Sycamore Island 2
Monroe Sycamore Island 3
Monroe Sycamore Island 4
Monroe Sycamore Island 5