Read Across America

  • Read Across America!!!

    Every year, Mrs. McNeil and her team work extremely hard to, for an entire week, transform James Monroe into Seusville!  

    Among the many activities that are held during the week, the big attraction is the transformation of the school.  Right off the bat, the entrance gains much attention, where students and parents are quickly impressed and want to come on campus to see more!  Students, staff, and from what we hear, visitors to the school, are so impressed with Seusville, that it has inspired staff from other sites to take the idea to their own schools!!!

    Other activities that are implemented to help celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ birthday are, engaging activities in the classrooms and the library, theme days for staff and students to dress up, tickets and prizes for students who participate, inspiring quotes for each day, music and videos to play over the intercom and in classrooms, while continuously promoting literacy and the love of books!

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