High School Graduation Requirements


    Students holding up graduation cap together in a circle

    A student graduating from a Madera Unified high school must meet the following requirements: 

    1. Shall have earned 230 credits and completed the following:

        a) 40 credits in English, to include: one semester of composition and one semester of grammar

        b) 30 credits in social science, to include: 10 credits in World History (freshman or sophomore), 10 credits in U.S. History (junior), 5 credits in Civics (senior), 5 credits in Economics (senior)

        c) 30 credits in math (including passing Algebra I)

       d) 20 credits in Science, to include: 10 credits in Life Science, 10 credits Physical Science

       e) 30 credits in Physical Education (10 credits may be waived upon application and authorization)

       g) 10 credits in Fine Arts, to be selected from Foreign Language, Music, Art, or one of these specific classes: Horticulture II, Floriculture, Drama, or Agricultural Mechanics IV (2 periods)

    2. Shall have earned a 2.0 or above grade point average

    3. Shall have earned proficiency level (score of 4 or higher) on the graduation requirement for occupational education (OEII)

    A student shall be eligible for graduation, and the receipt of a diploma, if they have completed all the requirements listed in 1, 2 and 3 

    *Academically eligible seniors will be excluded from the graduation ceremony due to discipline, attendance or financial obligation.