Superintendent's Cabinet

  • Todd Lile Todd Lile
    Sandon_SchwartzSandon Schwartz
    Deputy Superintendent
    Sheryl Sisil Sheryl Sisil
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
    Kent_AlbertsonKent Albertson
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    Arelis Garica Arelis Garcia
    Chief Financial Officer
    carrasco_jesse"Jesse Carrasco
    Area Assistant Superintendent
    Monreal_Linda"Linda Monreal
    Area Assistant Superintendent
    Rodriguez_Oracio"Oracio Rodriguez
    Area Assistant Superintendent
    Babatunde_IloriBabatunde Ilori
    Executive Director,  Accountability and Communications
    Becky Malmo Dr. Rebecca Malmo
    Executive Director of Student and Family Support Services 
    Rosalind_CoxRosalind Cox
    Director, Facilities, Planning & Const. Mgmt.
    Curtis_ManganaanCurtis Manganaan
    Director, Maintenance & Operations
    Joe Halford Joe Halford
    Director, Technology
    Travis Ann Griffin Travis Ann Griffin
    Director, Transportation
    Susan_HarautuneianSusan Harautuneian
    Director, Purchasing
    Brian_ChiaritoBrian Chiarito
    Director, Child Nutrition
    Marty Bitter Marty Bitter
    Director, Athletics
    mchaney_rebeccaRebecca McHaney
    Director, Special Services
    Janet Grossnicklaus Janet Grossnicklaus
    Director, CI&A, Elementary
    Selma Gonzalez Selma Gonzalez
    Director, CI&A, Secondary
    Alyson Crafton Alyson Crafton
    Director, Student Services
    Marcheta Williams Dr. Marcheta Williams Director, VAPA
    David Hernandez David Hernandez
    Director, Community Service and Parent Resource Centers
    Karen DeOrian Karen DeOrian
    Director, Culture and Climate 
    Christine Doss Christine Doss
    Director, Health and Wellness
Last Modified on December 9, 2020