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It is not safe to drop children off more than fifteen (15) minutes before school or to leave them more than fifteen (15) minutes after the school day ends.

  • Parents must not leave their children on a school campus longer than fifteen (15) minutes either before or after the school day
  • School grounds are not supervised except during the school day.
  • Parents are expected to follow the school’s policy or procedure for drop off/ pick up locations.
  • If extenuating circumstances prevent a family from picking up a student on time, the school must be notified within fifteen (15) minutes of the end of the school day


What is a lockdown?

A lockdown takes place when a hazardous threat or a possible hazardous threat had been identified inside of the building or in close proximity of the school.  All exterior and interior doors are locked and students are confined to their school.  No entry or exit to the school is allowed during this response.


What should I do if a lockdown is occurring at my child’s school?

If you are notified of a school lockdown at your child’s school, do not come to the school.  Stay in a location where you are able to be notified with additional information of your child’s school situation.  Students will not be released until the incident has ended or the scene is safe for release.  Be prepared to retrieve your child at a reunification site.  The Re-Unification site will be provided to each parent via Connect-ED program, Parent Square, Cells Force, Facebook, Instagram and School site websites.


What is a reunification?

Reunification occurs when students have been moved from the school facility to an alternate location due to an emergency that has affected the school site or a site on or around the school grounds.  During the reunification process, students can only be released to an adult listed as an emergency contact with the school.  In addition, persons coming to pick up students must bring proper government issued photo identification (example:  driver’s license, state ID card, military ID card or passport).