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Raptor is a web-based software application that has been developed with the purpose of aiding school sites in tracking their visitors.  Raptor provides an effective, efficient method for tracking by utilizing available public databases to help improve campus security.  It will allow schools to produce visitor badges and electronically check all visitors against registered sexual offender databases. All parents/guardians attempting to gain access to the school/facility for the first time will present a valid driver’s license from any state, an official state photo identification card from any state, or military identification card for scanning. For those visitors who do not possess an identification card, it is asked that you bring some form of identification such as a PG&E bill with your name and address on it.  A one time photo will be taken of the visitor and stored in the Raptor database. The overall goal is to better control access to all Madera Unified Schools; thus providing enhanced protection for our students and staff.  For more information on Raptor, please visit your schools website.