• MUSD's Transfer Policy
    If granted an “Inter-District Attendance Permit,” pupils whose parents/guardians are residents of the district may attend school in another school district. Similarly, pupils residing outside of the Madera Unified School District may be allowed to attend Madera’s schools. The Governing Board will allow such transfers for a limited number of reasons. Preference is given to the requests of parents/guardians of pupils (K-12) whose place of employment is located within the district of desired attendance area (E.C. 48204 – BP 5117). Information about procedures and applications (forms) are available from the district's Student Services Department  at (559) 675-4500, extension 237.
    Denied requests for transfers out of or into the Madera Unified School District may be appealed to the County Office of Education serving the county in which the denying district is located. The telephone number for the Madera County Office of Education is (559) 673-6051.
Last Modified on March 15, 2017