• Welcome to Madera Unified School District
    Welcome to the Madera Unified School District. We are located in the geographic center of California in a growing community of 55,000. Our district serves 20,000 students and has 2,000 employees.
    We are guided by a powerful vision of Madera Unified setting the standard for hard work, creativity and resiliency with a fearless drive to continuously improve.

    From their first day of school, students are focused on learning the basics so that they can fulfill their career aspirations. As students turn toward high school, they choose a career path based on their interest, talent, and future goals. We envision a time when every child will have the skills and knowledge upon graduation so they can choose their future.

    Our seven-member school board is committed to providing the focus, direction, and resources to provide a complete educational experience for students. In MUSD, we believe that students need to be connected to their schools, so we provide a rich array of co-curricular activities, including award-winning music and athletics programs, clubs and organizations, and leadership opportunities. We believe that these connections strengthen the student, round out their experience and provide reasons to stay in school.

    We know that students need parent support. Our most successful students have parent encouragement. We expect parents to be involved because parents are so influential in the life of a child. When we can form a partnership between the school and the home, we are assuring the success of the child.

    Achievement is on the rise. New schools are being built. In the Madera Unified School District, wonderful new opportunities await our students.
    The Madera Unified School District
Last Modified on March 29, 2024