• What are PIPs, STSPs and Interns?

    Beginning teachers who have not earned their Preliminary Credential and are teaching under a temporary credential are considered Pre-Credential Teachers (PCT). They are teachers who hold a Provisional Internship Permit, (PIP), Short-Term Staff Permit (STSP), or a University Internship Credential. Teachers under these credentials must receive at least one hour per week of mentoring support. They must also explain to the hiring district how they plan to complete the preliminary requirements and do so each year they have a temporary credential.
    Madera Unified assigns each Pre-Credential Teacher a Teacher Support Mentor (TSM). TSMs meet with their beginning teachers 3 to 4 hours per week to plan, receive coaching, get feedback, and other supports as necessary. 
    For more detailed information, see the link below.
    For more information contact:
    Kimberly Crosson
    Senior Human Resources Specialist - Credentials
    Phone:559-675-4500 ext. 279
    Amanda Wade
    Coordinator Elementary Teacher Support
    Phone: 559-416-5800 Ext 13001
    Steve Thornton
    Coordinator Secondary Teacher Support
    Phone: 559-416-5800  Ext 13001
    Jessica Salazar
    Administrative Assistant Teacher Support
    Phone: 559-416-5800 Ext 13001