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    The Madera Induction Consortium (MIC) in a job embedded program starting in the first year of teaching after acquiring the Preliminary Credential. This program is designed for all General Education and Education Specialists who have earned their Preliminary Credential. The MIC program is designed to facilitate teacher growth through reflective conversations with a highly trained Mentor Teacher. For those Induction Candidates that are experienced and exceptional teachers, we offer an Early Completion Option (ECO). ECO candidates must complete an application and interview to be placed in the ECO program. The MIC program encompasses all public and charter schools in Madera County.

    All induction candidates will write a plan for their professional growth at the beginning of the school year. The plan will include the pathway for improvement and smart goals that demonstrate teacher growth. Once the plan is written, the Induction Candidate and the Mentor Teacher meet each week for an hour to talk about what is happening in the classroom and their Individual Learning Plan. At the end of each year, all candidates present their findings of teacher growth to a MIC Presentation Panel.

    We are looking forward to meeting with you and getting you started on your career in education.

     Our office is located at:

    1841 Howard Rd

    Madera, CA 93637

    Phone:  (559) 416-5800 ext. 13001