• The goal of the Madera Induction Program is to encourage beginning teachers of today to inspire all students and to promote their well-being by providing support through collaboration and reflection.  We will provide students in our communities with exceptional teachers, empowered to meet the needs of a diverse student population.  We want to ensure the professional success and retention of promising new teachers.  The Induction Program consists of pairing of induction candidates with an experienced teacher who serves as a mentor.  Our program will provide a support network and opportunities for beginning teachers to grow professionally.



    Induction Candidates

    Eligible candidates include those who are teaching on a valid California preliminary teaching credential, and are employed and sponsored by a partnering school district.  If you feel you are eligible to participate, please contact your employing district's HR department.  During the enrollment process, each district provides the enrollment information for each candidate to the Madera Induction Program.  Candidates are then contacted to enroll. Valid preliminary credentials include; single subject, multiple subject, and education specialist.  Candidates will be required to complete all Induction Program Requirements, based on program standards, plus maintain regular weekly meetings with an assigned mentor.  


    Induction mentors are the heart of the program. They are exemplary teachers with 5 or more years of teaching experience, who are highly committed to supporting the personal growth of the induction teacher.  The mentor will provide guidance, share knowledge and experiences and support new teachers in making a positive impact on student growth and achievement.  

    If you feel the qualifications and roles of being a mentor are a right fit for you, we invite you to join an elite group of professionals truly making a difference. 

    To apply: 

    • Completed application Mentor Application
    • Letter of Recommendation from your site administrator
    • Resume 
    • Letter of Interest                                                                              


    For a complete overview of the MIC Program, read the MIC Handbook (updated file to be uploaded soon)