•  Distance Learning Schedules

    In a distance learning model, students will receive synchronous and asynchronous distance learning instruction 4 days each week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). On Wednesday, students will participate in asynchronous distance learning tasks/activities and may receive synchronous instruction depending on the learning needs of individual students as determined by the teacher. Students will engage with assignments and learning tasks that equate to the mandatory minimum instructional minutes required for their grade level to meet AB 77 requirements. Time on Wednesday will also be dedicated to intervention support for struggling students through pop-in “office hours” and/or scheduled targeted zoom meetings, teacher collaboration & planning time, PLC, and/or professional learning sessions. For more information view the Instructional Continuity Plan 2.0.


    Grade 1-3

    grade 4-6


    Middle and High Schools

    The following weekly schedule has been designed in order to meet the minimum number of instructional minutes that students are expected to engage in academic lessons and learning tasks/activities on a daily basis. All students will participate synchronously during the designated time per period on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday using the bell schedule below. On Wednesdays, students will meet the minimum daily instructional minutes required by completing independent learning tasks assigned equivalent to 40 minutes per period. Teachers will establish a 45-60-minute “Office Hours” session on Wednesdays and communication formats so parents can make appointments to ask questions and/or request help. In the Distance Learning model, student participation in synchronous learning time and the completion of assigned independent learning tasks will account for attendance daily. Teachers may provide a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning activities throughout the week but are required to provide live instruction during designated times on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. The weekly schedule below is designed to meet the daily minimum 240 instructional minute requirement for grades 7-12 while allowing additional time for planning as teachers transition into this new mode of instruction. Instructional Continuity Plan 2.0.

     Middle Schools Schedules
    Jefferson Middle School Schedule
    King Middle School Schedule
    Desmond Middle School Schedule
    MaderaTEC Schedule

    High School


    ICP 2.o

    Executive Summary Excerpt
    As we continue to navigate uncharted waters due to COVID-19, the district is taking additional steps to support our students, teachers, families, schools, and community. The Instructional Continuity Plan (ICP) 2.0 expands upon the previous plan with the objective of providing additional guidance and support for an extended period of closure not fully contemplated in the earlier version. In this update, we attempt to clarify the roles of students, teachers, and families relative to distance learning, as well as the different options teachers have for content delivery. We also attempt to clarify expectations relative to the amount of time students will need to devote to schooling each day and throughout the week. We have also updated information on the resources that are available for students, teachers, and families to utilize during this time to support student learning. This updated plan includes high quality, standards-aligned instructional continuity guides that will benefit teachers and administrators in supporting student achievement. The District continues to offer teachers opportunities for professional development during this time. Included in ICP 2.0 is the Distance Learning Support PD Menu that lists multiple professional development offerings available to teachers and covers topics such as navigating their remote classrooms, exploring best practices for distance learning, and improving communication and collaboration with colleagues and students. The selection of webinars or videos – both district-created or collaboratively produced with our partner content providers – will be available and teachers can participate on the dates and times that work best for them. Finally, we have included information about daily attendance procedures and grading procedures. Please click below to read The Instructional Continuity Plan (ICP) 2.0.

    ICP 2.0 Cover Page

    Instructional Continuity Plan 2.0