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    The Children & Youth in Transition Program supports the continuity of education of students in transition including: students lacking a fixed, adequate, and/or regular nighttime residence (McKinney Vento definition) and students living in the Foster Care system.   

    Program Goals

    • Ensure timely enrollment
    • Increase school attendance
    • Improve academic achievement
    • Improve social skills
    • Ensure equitable access to resources and services
    • Advocate for appropriate school placement/connectedness
    • Increase graduation rates


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    How do I report suspected child abuse or neglect? 

    If you or someone else is in immediate and serious danger, you should call 911.

    Mandated Reporting


    In California, mandated reporters are professionals, who, in the ordinary course of their work, have regular contact with children, disabled persons, or senior citizens, are required to report pysical, sexual, or other types of abuse.

    These reports are to be made whenever abuse or neglect is observed or suspected or when there is evidence of neglect, knowledge of an incident, or an imminent risk of serious harm.


    A teacher must report to child welfare authorities if they know of a child attending school who appears to be malnourished or has bruising, complains of neglect, or otherwise demonstrates neglect or abuse at home.

    To report abuse or neglect, call the 24-hour hotline at (559) 675-7829 or (800) 801-3999  

    Suspected Child Abuse Report form "SCAR form" 


  • Contact Us

    Rosa M. Galindo
    Program Manager
    Children and Youth in Transition
    Phone: 559.675.4500 ext.408  rosagalindo@maderausd.org


    Office Assistant
    Children and Youth in Transition
    Phone: 559.675.4500 ext.410 mariagomez@maderausd.org

    Angelina Rodriguez
    Student Advocate - Blue Pyramid
    Children and Youth in Transition
    Phone: 559.675.4500 ext: 409 angelinavrodriguez@maderausd.org
    Madera High School, Ripperdan Community Day School, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Lincoln, James Madison, George Washington, Howard, Madera Adult School, Furman Elementary Independent Studies Program, Preschool


    Araceli Rodriguez
    Student Advocate - Purple Pyramid  
    Phone: 559.675.4500 ext. 407
    Madera South High School, Furman High School Independent Study Program, Martin Luther King, Jr., Alpha, Cesar Chavez, Eastin Arcola, La Vina, Millview, Parkwood, Sierra Vista, Virginia Lee Rose

    Dana Gutierrez
    Student Advocate - Red Pyramid
    Children and Youth in Transition
    Phone: 559.675.4500 ext. 406 danagutierrez@maderausd.org
    Matilda Torres High School, Mountain Vista High School, Jack G. Desmond MS, Berenda, Dixieland, James Monroe, Nishimoto, John J. Pershing 

    Student Services Department
    1816 Howard Road, Suite 4
    Madera CA 93637
    Office: 559.675.4500 
    Fax: 559.661.2005

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