In 1986, the California Legislature authorized AB 2926, which allows school districts to levy impact or developer fees on residential and commercial/industrial development for the purposes of funding the construction or reconstruction of school facilities. The basis of the school facilities legislation is the relationship between new development, and the impact on school facilities to provide adequate school facilities for the student population new development generates. The authority for the District's assessment of developer fees is set forth in Education Code Section 17620, pursuant to Government Code 65995.


    Developer Fee Rates -

    Commercial/Industrial Construction  $0.78 per square foot (Effective 11/14/22)

    Residential/Additions/Remodels        $5.04 per square foot (Effective 09/12/23)

    If you have any questions regarding developer fees, please call the Office of Facilities Planning & Construction Management at







Last Modified on September 13, 2023