Rosalind Cox
    Director, Facilities Planning/Construction Management

    Cheri Giddens
    Administrative Assistant, Facilities Planning/Construction Management

    Use of District Facilities

    Due to precautionary measures against COVID-19, Madera Unified campuses are currently closed. Permit applications can be submitted for the 2020/21 school year to the Facilities Department and we will work closely with District Administration to notify you of pandemic related information as it pertains to your request. 

    Madera Unified is pleased to make school facilities available for public use under guidelines established by Board Policy when they are not being used for school programs or activities.

    All outside events will require an approved permit from the Facilities Planning Department.

    If you are interested in using a District facility, print out a copy of the Facility Use Permit Application for submission to Madera Unified School District Facilities Planning Department.
    Please note the following:

    1. Complete the Facility Use Permit and submit it to the Facilities Planning Department.
    2. If the facility is available, the school site will approve the request and the Facilities Planning Department will process for approval.
    3. Permit approval requires the applicant to provide an acceptable certificate of insurance that lists
    Madera Unified School District as additional insured. An Additional Insured Endorsement must be
    provided that includes the following language: “That Madera Unified School District, its agents,
    officers, and/or employees have been included as an additional insured on User’s liability and bodily
    injury insurance. (Please refer to page 3 of the application for complete insurance requirements)
    4. The appropriate charges that relate to your Facility Use Permit will be discussed with you upon

    Please call Cheri Giddens at 559.675.4548 if you have questions about the process or to inquire about available dates.

    User Liability Insurance Providers

    If you need assistance finding an insurance carrier, listed below are two insurance companies that you may contact:

    Sadler Sports & Recreational Insurance



Last Modified on April 27, 2021