Transportation Department

    Our District

    Madera Unified School District has steadily grown from its humble beginning back in 1966 to now having over 20,684 students enrolled.  As the district grows one thing remains the same. The Transportation Department has remained a reliable part of the educational support system. Each school day, the Transportation Department buses approximately 5,000 students to & from school. The department operates 63 school bus routes to bus students to & from school.

    Our Bus Fleet
    The Madera Unified School District fleet of approximately 91 school buses is housed off of Pine St. to the rear of the Child Nutrition Department. Our School Board and District Staff recognize the benefits of clean air and reliable transportation for the students and community of Madera. Our goal at Transportation is to safely transport all our students in safe, reliable & clean fuel burning school buses. We have been very successful in seeking grant-funding opportunities to replace our older, high polluting school buses. We hope to continue our efforts in updating our fleet and providing your children with the cleanest school bus ride.

    Our Drivers
    The safety of our children is the foremost concern of the Madera Unified School District and its Transportation Department. Our school bus drivers undergo rigorous training before they are entrusted to transport our students. Our drivers begin their morning by conducting a pre-trip inspection on their school bus. As the sun rises, our school bus drivers are well on their way to their first bus stop. They continue throughout the day picking up and delivering students to and from school and other programs. The entire process is then reversed as the students return home. Our driver’s day continues with after-school activity runs, day trips & interscholastic trips. It is not uncommon for our drivers to see the sun set from our bus yard.  Given the time schedule, changing weather, traffic, and road conditions, it is easy to see the complexities of being a school bus driver.

    Our Bus Stops, Runs, & Routes

    We provide Home-to-School Transportation to students who attend Madera Unified Schools and reside outside the radius distance set forth by our school board. Bus stops, runs and routes are established to assist eligible students to attend their neighborhood school using the designated stops. Parents are responsible for supervising their children and selecting their children’s walking route to and from the bus stop. Our buses operate on roads that are properly maintained and considered safe and appropriate for school bus travel and safety. Bus routes are normally placed in a safe central location and are not established for the purpose of delivering students to their individual residences.

Last Modified on August 24, 2021