Athletics Department

  • Madera Unified’s Director of Athletics oversees and supervises the entirety of the district's athletics programs and Elementary Physical Education Specialist.  This includes the supervision of the following departments: High School Athletic Programs, High School Athletic Directors, Middle School Athletic Programs, Middle School Athletic Directors, Elementary Athletic Programs or “MULES”, Elementary Physical Education Specialist.


    COVID-19 and Athletics

    Everyone in the sport community is feeling the impact of COVID-19. Your child's safety and well-being is our coaching staff's #1, priority.  Our district has provided us with strict return procedures and training protocols.  Below is a list that may help answer some questions. 

    • A Return to Play Waiver Form Parent Consent Form  must be signed by a parent/guardian prior to return to activity.
    • Athletes will be assigned to groups of 10 and they will remain in that group throughout the training season until we move into the next phase. Phases will be reassessed weekly.
    • Athletes will be given a specific time to arrive for training. New groups will be arriving every 10-15 minutes; we ask that you arrive and depart on time. 
    • Athletes will check in with the coach prior to training to verify that the athlete does not have any symptoms. An attendance log will be maintained in the athletic office for 14 days.
    • Athletes are to provide their own water bottle and water to hydrate during training. Please ensure that you bring plenty of water.
    • Athletes are to wear a facemask to and from the check-in area. Once physical activity begins, a facemask is not required since heavy breathing would be restricted.
    • Athletes will need to come dressed for the workout. Locker rooms will not be open.
    • The restrooms will be available for use, one athlete at a time. Athletes will be required to check-in with the coach when they leave to and return from the restroom.
    • Training sessions will consist of no more than 90 minutes. (see examples below)
      • Pod 1 (10 athletes) work out time 9:00-10:30
      • Pod 2 (10 students) work out time 9:15-10:45
      • Pod 3 (10 students) work out time 9:30-11:00
Last Modified on September 17, 2020