Phone:(559) 416-5870
Oversees the Department of Health and Wellness. Directs and coordinates the activities of the Behavioral Health Clinicians, Behavioral Analysts, and other behavioral health-related programs that are engaged in providing behavioral health services to students as identified by departmental directors. 
Jennifer Weber
Administrative Assistant V
Phone:(559) 416-5870
Provides support to the Director and the Department's Staff. 
Caitlin Pendley
Health Services Coordinator
Phone:(559) 416-5866
Provide leadership to ensure the maximum effectiveness of a comprehensive school health program which will strengthen the educational process through the improvement of overall student health. 
Dr. Kathy Wandler
Supervisor - Behavior Analyst
Phone:(559) 416-5840
Provides direct services and consultation to students, staff, and parents/guardians in order to provide support and professional learning in appropriate behavior intervention techniques. 
Alyssa Pruitt
Behavior Analyst, BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
Phone:(559) 416-5870
Provides direct services and consultation to students, staff and parents/guardian in order to provide support, and professional learning in appropriate behavior intervention techniques; provide positive ways for working successfully with students who have difficulties conforming to acceptable behavior patterns. Provides analysis services and behavior management plans for students; conducts assessment and plans that conform to applicable California statues and regulations. 
Ana Mejia
Behavior Intervention Technician
Phone:(559) 416-5870
Assists school sites with social-emotional and behavioral support by providing strategic services that identify and address the issues that interfere with the educational process. 
Linda Negrete
Supervisor - Behavioral Health Clinician
Phone:(559) 416-5838
Supervises and coordinates the activities of the Behavior Health Clinicians. Provides clinical supervision, maintaining confidential records, caseload management, crisis intervention, and individual, group & family counseling. Provides the school community with behavioral health services which directly supports student learning and achievement. 
Jessica Macias
Community Support Specialist / Case Management
Phone:(559) 416-5873
Provides case management and wraparound services for at-risk students and their families.