• Medication at School

    Medication prescribed by a physician for a child may be administered during the school day by a registered nurse or other designated school personnel. It may also be self-administered by the child if the medication is prescription auto-injectable epinephrine or prescription inhaled asthma medication, but only if the parent consents in writing and provides detailed written instructions from a physician.

    Medication brought to school must be provided in a properly labeled container along with the name of the supervising physician. This authorization needs to be renewed annually (BP 5141.21). Without such authorization, no District employee will assist in the administration of any medication. No more than a 30-day supply of medication will be kept at the school.

    Medications should be brought to school by a responsible adult, except in situations in which the parent, physician, and school nurse believe it is in the best interest of the student that he she carry the medication. The student must carry the medication in the container with the original label. Except for inhalers, the student shall carry only one day’s dosage.

    Medications at School Forms 

    Medication Authorization Form (English)
    Medication Authorization Form (Spanish)