• School Screenings
    Hearing/Vision Screening
    According to California Education Code 49454 and 49455, each child shall be provided hearing and vision testing when entering a California school district, and at least every third year thereafter until the child has completed the eighth grade. MUSD screens students in kindergarten and grades 2, 5, 8 and 11, and at first entrance to a Madera Unified school.
    Color Vision Screening
    Male students in first grade are screened for color vision. If a parent does not wish to have their child screened, written notice must be provided to the principal. Credentialed school nurses notify parents/guardians of any suspected problems.
    Scoliosis Screening
    Screening of spinal curvature (scoliosis) is performed during seventh grade for girls and eighth grade for boys. Notification is sent to parents prior to doing screening. Parents need only to send the notification sheet back to the school site nurse if they do not want their child screened for scoliosis.
    AN Screening
    Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) screening is provided in conjunction with the scoliosis exam. AN is the velvety, light brown-to-black markings usually on the neck, under the arms or in the groin. Often the cause is insulin resistance. This may develop into diabetes. If a student is found to have signs of AN, a physician should be consulted to determine the cause.